My son has never found mathematics easy and has always been reluctant to do homework. But since we purchased the Algebra Toolbox powerpoint series he has become really interested”.

Mrs Janice K, Coniston, UK.

“I have always struggled with coordinate geometry, but found the two powerpoints on this topic really easy to follow. At last I understand it.”

Jason Pollock, Invercargill, New Zealand.

“These powerpoints are just what I needed. The explanations are clear, and the Algebra one has been a really big help, especially as I have had 3 different teachers so far this year”.

Rebecca Middlemiss, Clapton-on-the-Hill, Gloucestershire, UK.

A brilliant resource – especially for teachers who may not have maths in their degree

Jane Irvin, Head of Maths, Morayfield High School, Queensland

A fantastic resource for small country schools where specialist maths teachers are rare! Our stand-in maths teacher (who is Home Ec trained) found these resources extremely helpful as she found a number of Year 9 and 10 topics quite challenging.

Principal, Central School, NSW

Brisbane School of Distance Education bought a full site licence for the Algebra Toolbox. Our students find it really easy to use and they are able to teach themselves many of the concepts using the powerpoints and print materials.

Kathy Gough, Head of Mathematics

The powerpoints have been fantastic in helping me to get a better understanding of equations, quadratics and trigonometry.

Peter P, Year 9 student, Port Lincoln,South Australia.

The Trigonometry and Algebra powerpoints have helped my son enormously. He used to struggle in these areas but now feels he can move into senior maths with confidence.

Betty Alcock, Parent, Nowra NSW

The Toolbox has provided some great extension work for my brighter Year 7s (final primary year in Queensland). The kids are really motivated and thoroughly enjoy working through the books.

Chris Warry, Teacher, Clayfield College, Queensland

The Algebra Toolbox has really helped me learn lots of things about maths. I have always found algebra hard to understand. I’m no longer confused!

Katie R, Year 11 student, Brisbane